White Paper | Results of an evaluation of Smart Flow technology and the touch screen user interface at the University Clinic, Regensburg

Dr. Isabel Wiesinger, Prof. Dr. Ernst-Michael Jung, Head of the Ultrasound Center, and Prof. Dr. Christian Stroszczynski, Chair of the Radiology Institute

University Clinic, Regensburg

The possibilities for real-time imaging in today’s high end ultrasound diagnostics open various important alternatives at the patient’s side. Apart from excellent image quality – resulting from both high-resolution transducer technology and advanced digital data processing – it needs to be easy for users to access the functionality the system offers. That is, the system needs to be both technically good and practical.

White Paper | CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System

Author: Jack Rozner, Ultrasound Sales Specialist

CARESTREAM Touch Prime and XE Systems offer sealed control panel for easy cleaning

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are once again grabbing headlines. In December, Kaiser Health News reported, “Medicare Penalizes 758 Hospitals For Safety Incidents.” The following month, The Osgood File on CBS Radio News aired a segment on Preventing Infections in Hospitals urging patients to be more proactive and advocate for themselves during hospital stays. And the CDC Vital

Signs March report called on healthcare providers to focus efforts to prevent HAIs in three areas: prevent spread of bacteria between patients, improve antibiotic use, and prevent infections related to surgery or placement of a catheter.

However, it’s not media attention that makes the reduction of HAIs a priority for hospital administrators and staff – it’s the threat to patients and the hospital’s financial health.